How do we utilize our sponsorships?

As an entirely Student-run team, we rely on material and monetary donations from corporate sponsorship to build our competition motorcycle. Everything on the competition motorcycle from footpegs to batteries will be built based on external sponsorship. Our organization is also a registered non-profit organization which means that donations qualify for tax incentives related to charitable donations.


What can we offer to our sponsors?

Washington Superbike proudly displays our corporate sponsors’ logos on our electric competition motorcycle, team t-shirts, sponsorship banners, and our website. Additional company exposure can come from on-campus events where Washington Superbike members attend, and through our social media. Additionally, we will provide access to our team’s resume book giving you access to top mechanical and electrical engineering talent as well as experienced business students.

How do companies get involved?

Please reach us through the Contact Us page if you are interested in offering a sponsorship. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to our sponsors. Our team would not be possible without your generosity!