AHRMA Formula Lightning Varsity Challenge Competition

The AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association) hosts an annual competition in which competitors race zero-emission motorcycles. Washington Superbike will be competing in the competition with a bike built from the ground up by the team members. Many competition bikes are factory models that are equipped for the racetrack while others are custom-built or prototypes testing new propulsion technology. The Washington Superbike entry into this competition will be an electric-powered motorcycle that will fit into the custom-built category.

The formula lightning competition was established in 2013 as a demonstration of technology and newfound excitement for electric propulsion systems. The Varsity Challenge held by Formula Lighting is designed for high-profile colleges and their clubs/teams. The competition also uses a scoring/placement system similar to a round-robin tournament where placement in individual races contributes differently to the competitor’s placement overall. This will be where Washington Superbike plans to compete, as a representative of the University of Washington.

There are currently four schools (Virginia Tech, University of Sherbrooke(Quebec), Rochester Institute of Technology, and University of Calgary) participating in the competition which will make the University of Washington one of the first five schools to compete in the competition. We will also be representing our generous sponsors and publicizing their involvement and interest in the electric motorcycle competition.

MotoStudent Electric Competition

MotoStudent is a multifaceted engineering and racing competition held every two years in Aragon, Spain. The competition is judged and scored on a combination of engineering design and racing performance.

Each competition takes place over two years. During the first year of competition, teams work on the design and analysis of their prototype racing motorcycle and in the second focus on testing and fine-tuning their designs. We are aiming to be the first from the US to compete in the MotoStudent Electric competition in 2022.

Competition occurs over a week-long period at the Motorland Aragon track in Spain. At competition teams must go through the MS1 (static) and MS2 (dynamic) parts of the competition. The static events consider the design of the motorcycle and ensure the motorcycle complies with all competition rules. Other static events include a business presentation, a design challenge, and an industrial production plan. Once approved as having a safe vehicle that complies with all competition regulations, teams move onto the dynamic events of the competition. Dynamic events consider the performance of the motorcycle including acceleration, braking, and tight turn handling. The final event of the Motostudent competition is an exciting 15-mile long head to head race against all teams competing in the same category putting the reliability of the Motostudent machines to the test.