What is Motostudent ?

Motostudent is a multifaceted engineering and racing competition held every two years in Aragon, Spain. The competition is judged and scored on a combination of engineering design and racing performance.

Each competition takes part over two years. During the first year of competition, teams work on the design and analysis of their prototype racing motorcycle and in the second focus on testing and fine tuning their designs.

Competition occurs over a week long period at the Motorland Aragon track in Spain. At competition teams must go through the MS1 (static) and MS2 (dynamic) parts of the competition. The static events consider the design of the motorcycle and ensure the motorcycle complies with all competition rules. Other static events include, a business presentation, a design challenge, and an industrial production plan. If being approved as having a safe vehicle which complies with all competition regulations teams move onto the dynamic events of the competition. Dynamic events consider the performance of the motorcycle including acceleration, braking, and tight turn handling. The final event of Motostudent is an exciting 15 mile long wheel to wheel race against all teams competing in the same category putting the reliability of the Motostudent machines to the test.