Business Team

The business team is responsible for recruitment management, public relations, online interactions/presence, and sponsorship outreach. By working with the mechanical and electrical teams to understand their needs, the business team works to fulfill those needs whether it be personnel or materials. The business team is integrated with mechanical and electrical team operations and events to develop interdisciplinary collaboration skills and be in the best position to support the team’s ambitious goals.


Washington Superbike recruits members from all levels of the University of Washington, freshman students to graduate students, regardless of major. While we recruit year-round, we recruit most heavily in the Fall of each year. The business team supports recruitment activity by designing posters and other paper materials that we hand out and post around campus prior to and during the Fall recruitment period. Social media also plays a major role in our efforts, allowing us to reach an even larger audience of prospective students. We focus on creating the optimal environment for the engineering team members to speak directly with potential new members, allowing them to give them more insight into what we do as a club and what it means to be a part of this team.


Online Presence

Washington Superbike’s website serves as a hub for the entire online PR and social media actions. The website is filled with information about the team and its operations. As such, one of our crucial responsibilities is to keep our online outlets as up to date as possible with the most recent and relevant information. Social media pages are very important for spreading awareness about our team and keeping sponsors and prospective members informed. The website also links to our social media pages including LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms.



Sponsor Relations

One of the key roles filled by the business team is establishing and maintaining an important relationship with our invaluable sponsors. Through the use of the website along with social media outlets, we keep our current sponsors updated while also making an impression on potential sponsors. Starting in the Fall of 2020, we plan to run quarterly events at which current and interested potential and current sponsors can get to know our team and its members. The business team keeps sponsors updated through our quarterly newsletter. Along with the sponsor events, the newsletter will update all sponsors on our team’s progress and current events.